Azerbaijani Politics 10 september — 12:18

Azerbaijani government sues French TV channel


Azerbaijani authorities plan to sue France 2 television channel for airing an investigative report about Azerbaijan that described the country's government as a dictatorship and its President Ilham Aliyev as an autocrat, France-Presse reports.

French lawyer, who represents the Azerbaijani government, Olivier Pardo said journalists Elise Lucet presented Azerbaijan as one of the strictest dictatorships in the world without any evidence whatsoever.

'Cash Investigation' program touched upon the visit of President Francois Hollande to Azerbaijan in spring 2014.

Olivier Pardo said Azerbaijan 'will no longer stand' such attitude and will sue those who are spreading slander.

'I know no dictatorship that is a member of the Council of Europe and has capital punishment abolished and has free internet,' said the French lawyer.

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