Azerbaijani Politics 28 march — 22:17

Ilham Aliyev: 'No one knows how long this will last'


'This hospital was built on my initiative. I remember when this decision was made, some felt that this was not necessary. Because in recent years, many hospitals have been built in the country and the construction of a new large hospital was considered unnecessary. But life has shown that it was a very correct and timely decision, because from tomorrow this hospital will treat patients with coronavirus.' As informs Azerbaijan State News Agency, President Ilham Aliyev said this at the opening of the 'Yeni Klinika' medical facility in Baku.

The head of state noted that until the end of the pandemic in this hospital, only patients with coronavirus will receive treatment.

'Therefore, the beginning of the work of this hospital, of course, will create new opportunities for us in the fight against coronavirus. The opening of the hospital was planned for late summer - early autumn. However, due to the pandemic, work was accelerated, additional funds were allocated, forces were mobilised, and we ensured a phased start of the hospital's functioning. The hospital should have 575 beds in the end. However, at the first stage, 100, and then 300 beds will be allocated for the use of the patients. The total area of the hospital is approaching 100 thousand square metres. There are 70 reanimation places, and this is an important part of the services that are provided to patients with coronavirus,' said the president.

Ilham Aliyev noted that the placement of patients with coronavirus in this hospital is the most correct solution.

'Because now these people are the most sensitive layer, and providing them with the necessary medical care is the most important issue. You doctors know that today even the most developed countries are experiencing big problems in the fight against this disease. And in developed countries, about a thousand people die every day. If there are such big problems with this disease in countries with a very developed medical field, it's easy to imagine what big problems can arise for us,' said Ilham Aliyev.

The head of state also thanked the entrepreneurs who donated their hotels to fight the coronavirus.

'Among them, the country's largest hotel, Bulvar Hotel, has fully provided its capabilities to fight against coronavirus. Qafqaz, Pullman hotels, hotels located in the regions, including Lankaran, Lerik, Nabran. That is, all of our main 4-5 star hotels, recreation areas are placed at the disposal of people in quarantine. In addition, recreation areas of some government agencies are involved in this case. That is, I want to say again that the comfort of people in quarantine is ensured. The state took all the costs for itself. It should be so. Our state is always close to citizens, and in these difficult days we have once again demonstrated this,' said the president.

The head of state added that in the current conditions, all countries are faced with great economic problems.

'The heads of government of developed countries have openly stated that this disease will lead to a very serious crisis. At the same time, leading international financial institutions openly declare that the disease and the consequences that it can cause may be worse than the crisis of 2008-2009. The world economy has suffered great damage. In addition, oil prices fell more than twice, which are now at $24. Of course, this will lead to big losses for us. However, I believe that the work done before that will allow us to get out of this challenge with dignity,' said the president.

Ilham Aliyev also noted that the world has entered a new period.

'No one knows how long this will last. No one knows how long the illness will last. I believe that all forecasts are conditional. In what form will the effects of this disease manifest themselves? We do not know this either. Because we are at the initial stage of this disease and should protect ourselves as much as possible,' he said.

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