Azerbaijani Politics 23 july — 09:48

Ilham Aliyev: During many hours of discussions with Putin, not a single controversial issue arose


'I would like to draw the attention of citizens to one more issue. Please note that the President of the European Council visited Azerbaijan and our relations are developing. I paid a visit to Russia, our discussions with the President of Russia lasted several hours, not a single controversial issue arose. There was not a single issue of concern.' President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev stated this in an interview with Azerbaijan State Television.

'In June, we signed a declaration of alliance with Turkey and raised our relations to a higher level. Our friendly ties with other neighbouring countries, Iran and Georgia, are also being strengthened. The Non-Aligned Movement gave us another mandate, expressed another support. This organisation brings together 120 countries, including Azerbaijan. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation constantly supports us, both during the occupation and after the war. The Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation has specially arrived in Azerbaijan to express this support.

'See how sincere and effective are relations with all the world's leading powers that are in line with our goals. Because we, thanks to our inner strength, are pursuing the correct policy, the point is in our honesty and unity of word and signature. In addition, all our partners know very well that Azerbaijan has a very strong internal potential.

'We have demonstrated it in the war and post-conflict periods. They know that there is national solidarity in Azerbaijan, the unity of the people and the authorities, and we, as a worthy country, were able to build relations with all partners on the basis of equality, friendship and cooperation. I think this is our great achievement,' said the President.

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