11 june20:00

Armenian troops shoot at Azerbaijan all day (New provocation? Updated)

11 june09:46

Armenian troops shelled Azerbaijani positions in Kalbajar (Defence Ministry statement)

10 june18:14

Levon Ter-Petrosyan's sensational press-conference: 'Armenia is no longer player on Karabakh issue. After war, no one asks us (Transcript from Armenian media)

10 june14:45

Pashinyan about victories of Azerbaijani diplomacy

10 june09:25

Armenian terrorists on trial in Baku

Victims: 'In Shusha prison they beat us in front of Armenian girls' (Azeri Daily from courtroom)

9 june13:37

Accusation read out to Armenian militants in Baku (Updated)

9 june10:03

Washington urged Azerbaijan and Armenia to draw border based on maps of USSR

9 june09:34

Azerbaijan returned Armenian soldier to Armenia

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