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Soros shadow over Pashinyan (G.Trofimchuk comments for Azeri Daily)



Armenian leadership approved the allocation of funds to two public organisations for the observation mission of civil society at the 'local government elections' in Nagorno-Karabakh in September 2019.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister of Armenia Tsovinar Soghomonyan presented a project, according to which it is proposed to allocate $71 thousand for this purpose. Of this amount, 16 million 200 thousand drams will be provided to the office of the Association of Informed Citizens public organisation in Khankendi, and 17 million 480 thousand drams to the anti-corruption centre of Transparency International.

It has long been known that these two organisations are funded by the Soros Foundation. And their participation in the 'elections' in Nagorno-Karabakh means that Soros decided through his Armenian proteges to influence the future of the region.

It goes without saying that the Armenian government, which is barely making ends meet, provides money to Soros structures at the behest of the financier himself. In other words, assuring Moscow of its devotion to its own and allied interests, Yerevan is actively strengthening its ties with the West.

Actually, this was clear before, when Nikol Pashinyan, having barely ascended the high office, began to recruit ex-representatives of such American and Western organisations as the same financed by the Soros Foundation Transparency International, the Helsinki Citizens Assembly, etc. And many of his appointees by no means conceal their hostility towards Russia, loudly demanding to get rid of the Kremlin's influence on Armenia and even remove the Russian military base from its territory.

At the same time, according to Russian political scientist Grigory Trofimchuk, the Armenian prime minister is struggling to deny his involvement in the activities of George Soros. 'However, he is doing so in a very unconvincing way, even somewhat theatrically, saying for example that Soros 'has not yet grown up' to the scale of democracy that the Armenian people demonstrated during the so-called 'velvet revolution,' he described Pashinyan's tricks to Azeri Daily.

Grigory Trofimchuk

Meanwhile, everyone knows about the record number of non-profit pro-Western organisations that existed in a relatively small territory of Armenia not only until the spring of 2018, but now too, the political scientist points out.

'Among them were various structures affiliated with Soros, which, we emphasise this, did not oppose the arrival of Pashinyan, but, on the contrary, actively supported the process. It is known that radical democrats do not support anyone just like that, especially through their media. At the same time, the vast majority of Russian experts are convinced that it was the Soros shadow that hung over the Pashinyan government in the process of its formation, as well as in the result. Not to mention the Armenian observers themselves, who directly wrote in the local press that 'the former Soros people were appointed to various posts in Armenia immediately after the revolution; at one moment there were so many in power that the impression of a certain landing in the power structures of the republic was created,' Trofimchuk recalls.

So, according to the Russian expert, no journalistic investigation is required here, everything is clear to everyone. The list of members of this government was widely circulated in the Russian information space, where the name of almost every minister was accompanied by his track record in those very NGOs that were actively working on reformatting Armenia.

'Pashinyan himself is well aware of the attitude of the official Russian Federation to the activity and the figure of Soros himself, therefore he cannot respond to him in a positive manner and applies all kinds of allegories. In addition, the 'revolutionary on a planetary scale' is not ready to share fame with Soros of some sort,' Trofimchuk explains the manoeuvres of the current Armenian leader.

Pashinyan, according to the political scientist, denies Soros' involvement in the Armenian events of 2018 also because he does not consider them a 'colour revolution.'

Nikol Pashinyan and George Soros

'And here I agree with Nikol Pashinyan, since I also think that the coup in Armenia was a completely different scenario, being a certain political technological innovation. But this does not mean at all that Soros does not support the developing intra-Armenian chaos. He didn't create his branch here in 1997 for nothing. And in order for Pashinyan to oppose Soros, he must oppose Western-style democracy, which spawned Pashinyan himself,' the Russian analyst closed the circle.

Armenian publicist Narek Malyan is also sure that the government of Pashinyan is controlled by Soros. 'The people who carried out this revolution still do not have a concrete plan of action. They are mainly engaged in public relations, social events, for example, subbotnik. Of course, everyone is interested to see how the prime minister sweeps the streets, but all this at the level of the show: program is not observed. In Armenia they are called 'Soros' children,' and this has already become a hashtag in social networks,' N.Malyan notes.

Narek Malyan

According to the Armenian expert, this part of the new Armenian government has a program with its own schedule, which is not connected with the revolution and the rest of the government. 'In many ways, they act as marauders, trying to take as much as possible from the current situation and at the same time do not even think about the future of the new government in which they are. It is significant that the Armenian site of the Soros Foundation closed all information about people who received grants. It's as if they became the foundation of a 'closed society,' Malyan stated to the Armenian media.

But if Pashinyan and other new people in the Armenian government are understandable in general, for what purpose the financial-political international adventurer Soros decided to monitor the elections in the separatist entity it's hard to say for now.

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