Caucasus Reality 28 april — 10:55

Armenians destroyed thousands of hectares of forest in Khojavend


Before the occupation, the total area of ​​the forest fund in the Khojavend district of Azerbaijan used to be 22,428 hectares. Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Vugar Karimov told reporters about this, Trend reports.

The deputy minister noted that in terms of its biodiversity, the Khojavend district is one of the most interesting in Karabakh: 'In the period before the occupation, there were 12 relict trees in the territory of the region - seven eastern plane trees and five zelkova trees with the status of a natural monument, two geological and paleontological monuments (Azikh and Taglar caves) and a particularly valuable forest area with zelkova trees. The Azikh geological and paleontological monument, located 15 km from the village of Hadrut, was discovered in 1960, and in 1982 it was registered as a natural monument. Satellite images show that 3,537.4 hectares of forest territory were destroyed in the area during the occupation period.'

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