Caucasus Reality 29 april — 16:34

Monument to Gandhi was set on fire in Yerevan


In Yerevan, a few days ago, a group of radicals desecrated a monument to Mahatma Gandhi, throwing eggs at it. And the night before it was put on fire. Earlier, there were calls for its destruction.

The Yerevan authorities condemned the desecration of the monument to Mahatma Gandhi, spokesman for the mayor of the Armenian capital Hakob Karapetyan said. According to him, the attackers committed a flagrant act of vandalism, law enforcement officers are obliged to find the culprit and bring them to justice.

'The situation is extremely unpleasant for us, it does not honour us. Unfortunately, this is not the first such case in Yerevan. A strict assessment must be made,' the official is quoted by Sputnik Armenia.

The decision to erect a monument to Gandhi in Yerevan as a symbol of good relations between Armenia and India was made last year and was criticised by part of the public. Rosbalt writes that opponents of this decision spoke about the allegedly close relations between the politician and the Turkish leadership and about his denial of the so-called 'Armenian genocide' in the Ottoman Empire. The Yerevan mayor's office called these allegations 'speculation.' Probably, this action of unknown persons was prompted by the post of the Indian Embassy on its Twitter page, where at first it was said that April 24 marks the 106th anniversary of the 'Armenian genocide,' but then the word 'genocide' was changed to 'day of remembrance of the fallen.'

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