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Georgia did not allow bulletproof vests from Russia to enter Armenia (Georgian media)


Georgian authorities did not allow two trucks with Russian bulletproof vests to enter Armenia. This is reported by the Georgian media.

The trucks were reportedly parked at the Verkhniy Lars checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border for over a month, but Georgia did not allow transportation.

The media also note that the bulletproof vests transported from Moscow were issued as 'humanitarian aid.'

The day before, the trucks departed back to Russia. The drivers note that the Armenian diplomats in Georgia did not provide them with proper assistance.

Earlier, Sputnik Armenia, referring to social networks, wrote that the trucks were sent from Moscow on March 5. On March 28, at the Georgian checkpoint, border guards seized the documents of the drivers and the cargo itself, forbidding them to move on. According to one of the drivers, they were stopped by Georgian border guards, noting that the cargo is included in the category of 'special purpose goods,' for the passage of which the permission of the Ministry of Defense of the country is required.

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