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Pentagon sobered Armenia after Biden



A monument to Mahatma Gandhi was erected in the capital of Armenia last week, but vandals managed to desecrate it before the official opening. They motivated this by the fact that the Indian politician had denied the so-called 'genocide' of the Armenians.

And the American president ignored this fact completely in vain. Since everything goes to Joe Biden running the risk of repeating the fate of the Indian thinker and the father of the non-violence movement : he said something about the 'Armenian genocide,' but this loud statement turned out to be just atmospherics or words. Armenian elites are disappointed.

Armenians continue war on monuments

After all, happiness seemed to them so achievable: the President of the United States would utter the cherished words about genocide - and speaking in the words of the father of nations, life will immediately become better, life will immediately become more fun. I suspect that they were counting on an indemnity from the Ottoman Empire and the annexation of pieces of territory to them. So that immediately Great Armenia, from sea to sea.

Realities turned out to be cruel - literally with a boot in the face, on a grand scale. The US State Department said that Joe Biden's statements about 'genocide' have no legal consequences.

'Biden did not try to pin the blame on Turkey when he used the phrase about the "Armenian genocide" to describe the events in the Ottoman Empire,' said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. And then he phoned Ilham Aliyev, informing him about the importance of strengthening ties between Washington and Baku, about supporting the Southern Gas Corridor. Moreover, he informed the Azerbaijani leader about the waiver of Section 907 to the Freedom Support Act, in which Azerbaijan was accused of using the blockade of Armenia and Karabakh. The same one that was adopted by the Americans in 1992 under the pressure of the infamous Armenian lobby, which recently has been demonstrating increasing inconsistency.

Even cooler is the Pentagon, whose representatives actually say that Biden can talk about anything - but military cooperation with Turkey remains a strategic priority for them. Up to the point that you can close your eyes to Ankara's acquisition of Russian S-400s, well, they bought it, and so what?

The Pentagon is lucky that there is no monument to the American army in Yerevan

It turns out that Biden shook the air, but the world Armenian festivities did not take place. There is a reason to fall into depression, to vandalise the monument to Mahatma Gandhi. And to understand that the President of the United States simply played the world's Armenians, to put it mildly.

And all because the basics of real politics for Yerevan are a secret sealed with seven seals. They seriously believe that the world revolves around them. That does not correspond to reality in a single gram. The geopolitical weight of Ankara and Baku is immeasurably higher, and therefore Armenia is still a black pawn on the world chessboard.

However, there is also a positive side for Yerevan. The American and international reaction to Biden's statements about 'genocide' is an unequivocal signal to Yerevan: stop living with illusions, take care of your own country, think about the well-being of your citizens. Moreover, both Azerbaijan and Turkey lend a helping hand to you, offering you participation in solid and profitable geo-economic projects.

But, to all appearances, a complete change of the Armenian elite must take place, so that something in this country moves towards sanity. Until then, they will continue to fight the monuments...

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