Caucasus Reality 11 september — 15:07

Panic in Armenia: Azerbaijani police reached Goris



A photo of an Azerbaijani police post on the Goris-Kafan road has been circulated in the Armenian segment of social networks. The photo caused another wave of panic among Armenians, rumours spread that the road would be closed again, reports Azeri Daily.

The governor of the Syunik region (Zangezur) of Armenia, Melikset Poghosyan, trying to calm the population, said that a police post was located in Gubadli, on the Azerbaijani part of the road.

'This post has been installed on the Azerbaijani part of the Goris-Kafan road. Russian and Azerbaijani border guards control that part of the road. I went, looked, saw that the post was installed on their side. There was originally a post there. It is not dangerous, the road is controlled by Russia,' said the governor.

Recall that recently, on the part of the Goris-Kafan road that runs through Gubadli, Armenian soldiers attacked an Azerbaijani border guard with a knife, after which the Azerbaijani side blocked the road. As a result, the land communication of Armenia with Iran was actually blocked, several settlements of Zangezur were blocked. After negotiations with the participation of the Russian side, Azerbaijan opened the road, but concrete blocks were installed in at least two places to reduce the speed of traffic on the road as much as possible. This allows for greater control of traffic on the road.

Some parts of the Goris-Kafan road were laid through the territory of Gubadli back in Soviet times, last December Azerbaijan secured control over that part of the road on the border with Armenia, after which the road came under the control of Azerbaijan. Before the construction of the alternative road, the Azerbaijani side allowed traffic on this road.

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