Caucasus Reality 12 september — 17:31

Armenia drafts thousands of reservists and declares: War is not over yet!


In Armenia, as the Armenian media themselves note, the military training of reservists is unprecedented in scale and nature. The first stage began on August 25 for a period of three months, the second three-month training stage starts on September 15. Thus, it is planned to train several thousand reservists by the end of the year, the Armenian media write.

According to military observer Narek Nersisyan, no training draft of this scale has been held in Armenia for 15 years, although the law on defence establishes a mandatory condition to hold training sessions annually. Nevertheless, the defence budget did not have a separate item for spending on military training. For many, the scale of the current training draft is surprising, the Armenian military says.

'But I must say that nothing extraordinary is happening, Armenia is still in a state of war. From a military-political and even scientific point of view, the war ends only when one of the parties wins. Of course, we have suffered serious human and territorial losses (what territorial losses of Armenia the brave Armenian soldier talks about, is not clear, it seems that no one encroached on the territorial integrity of Armenia - Ed), but the war has not ended. From this point of view, such training drafts should not frighten or surprise anyone,' Nersisyan told Sputnik Armenia.

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