Caucasus Reality 13 october — 13:34

US reacted to Iran only after a question from Azerbaijan


'Iran is a destabilising factor.' State Department Spokesman Ned Price said this when answering a question from a Turan correspondent about the latest tensions between Iran and Azerbaijan.

'When it comes to Iran's regional activities, we have been very clear, broadly speaking, where we stand. Iran has been a destabilising actor in many ways, including its support to proxies, its support to other regional actors, its threats and coercive statements more broadly,' said Price.

Relations between Tehran and Baku have deteriorated in recent weeks, fuelled by military exercises on the border, as well as accusations of an Israeli military presence, which Azerbaijan vehemently denies.

And Washington has been quietly watching recent developments around Iran as the Biden administration pushes for a return to the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran.

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