Caucasus Reality 23 november — 10:37

Yerevan asks Moscow to help improve relations with Turkey


Yerevan turned to Moscow with a request for mediation in the normalisation of Armenian-Turkish relations. Spokesman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry Vahan Hunanyan said this to the Armenian service of Radio Liberty.

In his words, a number of partners of Armenia, including Russia, expressed their readiness to act as a mediator in the issue of normalising Armenian-Turkish relations. The Armenian side turned to the Kremlin.

'A number of international partners, including Russia, stated that they are ready to assist the process of normalisation of the Armenian-Turkish relations. And we informed Russia that we are ready to start the process of Armenian-Turkish normalisation without preconditions. When and if such a process starts, naturally, we will provide information about it,' said Hunanyan.

It is noted that after the 44-day Karabakh war of 2020, starting in August this year, the Prime Minister of Armenia and the President of Turkey made several statements that they receive positive messages from the other side of the border. In September, the President of Turkey even stated that the Prime Minister of Armenia, through the Prime Minister of Georgia, offered him to meet, but, according to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for the meeting to take place, Yerevan needs to take clear steps towards the 'Zangezur Corridor.' Yerevan answered this statement by Erdogan that the corridor logic is unacceptable for the Armenian side, but Yerevan is ready for contacts with Ankara.

Until now, according to the press-secretary of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, there have been no direct negotiations between Ankara and Yerevan.

It should be noted that the United States also offered its mediation in the establishment of relations between Armenia and Turkey.

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