Caucasus Reality 24 november — 09:35

Pashinyan stated that Armenia recognised territorial integrity of Azerbaijan


'The agreement to be signed must be ratified by the parliaments.' Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said this during an online conference, Armenian media report.

When asked whether the issue of demarcation and delimitation works will be submitted to a referendum after their completion, the prime minister of Armenia replied that the final document, the agreement to be signed, must be ratified by the parliaments.

Pashinyan was also asked whether demarcation and delimitation would mean renunciation of Karabakh and recognition of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, including Karabakh.

'When our countries gained independence in 1991, they recognised each other's territorial integrity. Demarcation and delimitation is a process, and Armenia must defend its interests there. In general, when we say "Armenia," we must mean not an amorphous thing that has no borders, we must mean a very specific area,' N. Pashinyan replied.

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