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Today is Azerbaijani journalism day



The Day of National Press and Journalism is celebrated in Azerbaijan today. On July 22, 1875, the first issue of the Ekinchi newspaper, founded by one of the outstanding representatives of the enlightenment movement of his time, Hasan bey Zardabi, was published, and thus the foundations of the national press in Azerbaijan were laid.

Ekinchi laid the foundation for a true democratic and popular press in the Azerbaijani language. The newspaper, of which only 56 issues were published, became the herald of the people, the standard-bearer of Azerbaijani journalism. The newspaper, which took upon itself the mission of enlightenment, in a short time gained popularity both among the intelligentsia and among ordinary people. It is no coincidence that prominent figures and writers of that time collaborated with the newspaper, periodically writing articles for it. However, in 1877 the tsarist government closed the publication and the newspaper ceased to exist.

Since 1998, after the abolition of censorship, July 22 is celebrated in Azerbaijan as the day of the national press.

146 years of struggle against intransigence and for freedom of speech!

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