Our Society 18 september — 10:36

Victory Cup to be held in Shusha



From the first days of the Patriotic War, the Azerbaijan Wheelchair Fencing Federation paid great attention to the families of martyrs and veterans.

They received social, psychological, moral and legal assistance. After the war, the work was not suspended -- it continues to this day. The goal of the Federation is to attract our disabled people to the Paralympic movement. Veterans with problems in the musculoskeletal system can now practice wheelchair fencing.

An event dedicated to the beginning of training for veterans was held at the Federation's arena today. According to the President of the Federation, Asef Melikov, the third stage is the holding of the Victory Cup on November 8 in Shusha.

In today's event, along with veterans of the First Karabakh War, the April 2016 battles and the Patriotic War, the Paralympic Champions, the head of a department at the Ministry of Sports, Olympic champion Farid Mansurov, the head of the Baku City Administration's Department for Youth and Sports Ragif Abbasov, the vice-rector of the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and sports Tahmina Tagizade, head of department at the National Olympic Committee Mehman Kerimov, heads of departments at the National Paralympic Committee Rufat Hajili and Azer Tapdigov, etc, participated.

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